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Why choosing us

We can provide bespoke business intelligence projects and/or packaged services, it depends on your needs.

Our services can work separately or integrated, you can decide to add them when necessary.

Not just about data

Why us

We help you put your vision on the ground

Data is something intangible as long as someone helps you translate it into value.

Why us

Forget your data, focus on business

Stop worrying about how to make your data efficient for your business, let us do it for you.

Why us

Give your time its fair value

Spend your time on what really matters.

Leverage our experience and expertise

Use our solutions to exactly know what’s happening and what could happen in the future, reduce costs, and increase margins. Our approach is to bring business value to our clients and we will devote resources and time to ensure that goal is achieved

Solution 360°

At Zee9, we offer comprehensive solutions that will meet the requirements of the business and automate the data processes so that the organization will reap on the benefits that will from the increased bottom line of the company


Everythink you need to make your data fluent, reliable, secure and well managed


Everything you need to use your data for your business in the best way

Quality, translates to benefits

With an integrated quality approach, we have set benchmarks never loosing sight of the fact that this focus on quality must ultimately translate into benefits for our clients

Measurable Business results

The primary driver for data and analytics development is value, and we firmly believe that it must be through measurable business results

Top Notch Services

BPMN Analysis

Analyzing your business processes is a good way to design a good data & analytics model.

Data Modelling

A good data model is fundamental to ensure the best business intelligence performance.

Knowledge, not opinions. Analytics, not just data reporting. High-end tools, not Excel files.

Inventory Planning

Inventory Planning, Supply & Demand Forecast, S&OP to better compete saving money.

SaaS Analytics

Analytics As A Service, 24/7, desktop and mobile, updated, always informed. Without compromise.

Compare the performance of your business with the target market, find out if you are on the right track.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to avoid mistakes, boost business and automatize processes.

Budget & Planning

Accelerate your planning, budget and finance forecast with efficient and effective business tools.

We work with passion

Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide On Premise services if needed.

Yes, all our analytics and business intelligence platforms and tools include a self-service option.

We analyze data and business processes for every business intelligence project we face.

Yes, we can collect any type of data from sensors, clean and organize it in terms of time series data, and provide any type of analytical dashboard. We can also integrate them into existing business intelligence platforms.

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