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What is 7daysdash?

7daysdash is an approach to business intelligence that allows the implementation of advanced analytics dashboards in days instead of months.

Through our experience and by using high-end technology we have modeled 3 DaysDash blocks based on Sales and Purchases data.

By standardizing some processes we have simplified a complex matter. Dashboards are available via browser and mobile app.


Choose One Of Our

7daysdash Options



/ Month

Sales dashboards at your fingertips



/ Month

Sales and Purchases dashboards at your fingertips



/ Month

Sales, Purchases and Margin dashboards at your fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions

7daysdash is based on a new approach, modeled by ZEE9, which consists of some standard data collection models and on a cutting-edge BI platform.

7daysdash covers the most common used data models.

Yes, 7daysdash can be a great starting point for extending your business intelligence to cover all your departments and needs.

Yes, we can implement Real Time Analytics by adopting a data streaming process, if needed.

Yes,we can implement 7daysdash including ML and AI.

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