We don't sell anything, we create Knowledge.

BI & Beyond

Business Intelligence & much more

+100 Business Intelligence and Analytics Projects for big firms and government institutions.
We have been turning data into knowledge for over 20 years.
Whatever your business, wherever you are.

We know the importance of reliable data for making smart decisions. We help our clients to see information based on historical, actual and predictive data rather than trusting opinions, providing knowledge at 360 degrees.

Position D&A as a Catalyst of Transformation

Aim to create a business strategy that is infused with Data & Analytics, not a data strategy or an analytics strategy. In this way, D&A becomes a value creation center that connects D&A to the business and helps to ensure enterprise success.

Top Notch Services

BPMN Analysis

Analyzing your business processes is a good way to design a good data & analytics model.

Data Modelling

A good data model is fundamental to ensure the best business intelligence performance.

Knowledge, not opinions. Analytics, not just data reporting. High-end tools, not Excel files.

Inventory Planning

Inventory Planning, Supply & Demand Forecast, S&OP to better compete saving money.

SaaS Analytics

Analytics As A Service, 24/7, desktop and mobile, updated, always informed. Without compromise.

Compare the performance of your business with the target market, find out if you are on the right track.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to avoid mistakes, boost business and automatize processes.

Budget & Planning

Accelerate your planning, budget and finance forecast with efficient and effective business tools.

Data has become the most important asset of any organization and data and analytics is more critical than ever. New use cases for data to support machine learning, AI and analytics are endless. As the rate of change continues, embracing flexibility, agility and adapting to new challenges is a must.
Donald Feinberg - Gartner
Donald Feinberg
Gartner - VP Analyst
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