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Market Intelligence

Statistics at your fingertips

From over 800 worldwide databases

We are able to provide any type of statistics by collecting data from over 800 worldwide databases and thousands of certified reports.

Even integrating them with your existing business intelligence.

Switch to AI-powered Intelligence

Transforming millions of published data and industry information into business-relevant opportunities accelerating your growth. Our state-of-the-art AI detects unknown opportunities that classical search algorithms typically miss. Global footprint, multi-sector and cross-sector topics.

Sales Intelligence

Track global infrastructure development opportunities and CAPEX projects from Million data points in many verticals

Competitive Intelligence

Decrypt company strategies from Million news, company filings, government records and analyst reports

Network Intelligence

Monitor brands across online sources, learn what the market really thinks about your products and services

Track Markets Developments

Follow market trends, compare market size and forecast, and get the latest analysis from industry sources

Spot emerging trends

With learning algorithms trained to detect early signals. Zee9 helps you stay ahead of competitors and drive innovation through out your organization

Support management with insights

Accelerate business impact of intelligence with solutions designed to increase company competitiveness

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